Commitment and discipline

This blog is coming pretty late in the day, but I’m committed to doing it. I’m struggling to write, but I’m trying to continue to be disciplined about writing as I drink from the fire hose of transition into my new lifestyle.

I’m a firm believer if you commit to the right things, and you apply discipline to those things, you will continue to succeed.


This works in just about everything you do. You commit to a relationship, and you have the discipline to work through hard times. You commit to getting more exercise, and it take discipline to succeed in improving your fitness. Even getting up in the morning and going to work requires a level of commitment and discipline.

If you’re not succeeding in something, consider those two factors. Are you committed to making the change you need to make? Once you decide if you’re committed, then do you have the discipline to follow through?

Whatever is important to you, commit. Then be disciplined enough to succeed.

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