I’m sorry, Annie – an open letter

Dear Annie,

There are letters you never hope to have to write. This is one of those.

You’re a very smart young woman. I’m proud of what you’ve become so far. I’m also hopeful for your future.

It’s up to you, in part, to make sure that you have a future.

You see, my generation has failed you. We’ve failed to create a country where you can learn without being concerned for your safety. We’ve failed to elect leaders who are willing to take the steps necessary to make your school, and all schools, a safe place. We’ve failed to realize that a child’s life is more valuable than the right to own a gun. I am so very, very sorry for that. It’s unconscionable.

Your generation has recently decided not to stand for this. Your fellow students in Parkland, FL and elsewhere have spoken out. They’ve decided that if their parents don’t have the guts to speak out and do something, that they would. Maybe you’ve decided that, too. If you have, I applaud you. You’ve shown courage beyond your elders. You are far more than we.

There are lots of different types of protests being planned right now, from traditional pickets to school walkouts.

  • I want you to know – I value your life more than anyone’s right to own a gun.
  • I want you to know – I value your education, but I will support you in any action you decide to take.
  • I want you to know – there may be consequences, and I will help you through any and all of them.



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