profile-pic-for-ninja-1000-forumI’ve been down this road before, you might say. I’ve blogged on a variety of different topics across a number of blogs, but realized one thing. I like to write, but I don’t like to be tied into writing about one thing. So I decided to combine all of this into one blog, and let you decide what it means to you. You’ll see a number of old posts from my prior marketing blog, which I’ve kept for posterity.

So I write about a few things:


I’ve spent 15+ years in marketing, mainly in B2B, both as my “day job” and as a consultant. I’ve consulted or worked for everything from startups and solopreneurs to Fortune 1000 companies. I’ve also passed on this knowledge to others as an adjunct professor.


I’ve been riding motorcycles pretty much all my adult life, and am still crazy about it. I watch MotoGP religiously. I used to race myself, and have attended a hundred or more track days. I still ride, and have now gotten my daughter into it as well. (At this writing, she’s 11, and has been riding a dirtbike since she was 6.) I’m now headed down a new road with some sport-touring on my 2012 Ninja 1000.


I’m a gym rat and amateur bodybuilder. One of my former blogs was a fitness website, Fitterverse.


I think about a lot of other stuff, too. If it doesn’t fit in one of the categories above, you’ll probably find it here.

From a biographical perspective, I live in the Atlanta metro with my girlfriend, who is a professional organizer and bonus parent to my daughter, currently 11, who of course is brilliant and beautiful. Oh yeah, and I’m a cancer survivor of three years.

The views expressed on this blog are my own and may not reflect the views of my employer.